Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So much life to look back over. How can so much of it be behind me, and yet I still have so much to learn; so much to grow. I used to say that my mental age is 27, and I'll be that forever. I believed it then, as I do still, but I had no idea...I had no idea. The lucky ones are the old souls, who are born into infancy, their bodies catching up with their soul from that point on. The young souls' bodies reach the soul's age before the soul even knows what its age is. The body grows, and ages...and ages...and the soul stays inside, trapped at an earlier place in time that no one on the outside can see anymore. The saddest is a young soul who didn't realize its age until the body was long past it; the soul spends the rest of the body's time longing to break free of the shackles the world clamps on us all, the expectations that come with age. Society doesn't accept the behavior of youth from an old body.


  1. I guess I'm not going to accepted by society then...
    heh, heh!

  2. Like my dad told me when he turned 60, "Growing Old is inevitable; Growing Up is optional!"


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